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Londoners’ Stories about the 1948 Olympic Games and London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Eunate Meruelo Rubio. Student

Eunate Meruelo Rubio

My name is Eunate and this is my Testimony.

Well I’ve only seen one, the Beijing one, but I thought it was like really good- really different and, like, the coordination and everything was really good. And yeah.

I liked- well, yeah I remember watching Rafael Nadal a lot. Me and my family, we woke up early to watch him and everything. We were supporting him, and yeah.

Well, runners like Usain Bolt, like, ‘cos there’s so many like, so fast and that and then mostly like- I don’t know like- African and Jamaican, they’re amazing at running and just watching them it’s like- They look like superheroes like- no one can do that it’s just- and-

Also, I think Rafael Nadal was really good at the tennis ‘cos, like, he didn’t give up- he- You could see him he was really tired like, about to die, but he just kept going.




Lorenzo Belenguer - Lead Artist