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Londoners’ Stories about the 1948 Olympic Games and London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Anastasiya Kurlovich. Student

Anastasiya Kurlovich

My name is Anastasiya and this is my Testimony.

I never really used to watch football, but I’ve found World Cup really interesting. It was really fun to watch with my Dad so I think when the Olympics will come on TV, that’ll be fun as well, ‘cos I never really watch any sports.

Maybe ‘cos my mum really wants to go, so maybe I’ll just go with her because it only happens like once in a few years, so you don’t know when’s going to be the next time we’ll have an Olympics in London. So yeah, I probably will go.

So maybe, like, the closer we’ll get to it, the more excited I will be. Yeah.






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