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Londoners’ Stories about the 1948 Olympic Games and London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Priyesh Patel. Student

Priyesh Patel

My name is Priyesh and this is my Testimony.

It should be really good and prestigious when they open the Games, because that’s what- that’s the first impression that people will get when they’re coming in from different countries to London and that’s what they’ll see, that’s what they’ll reflect upon us. So it’s really important that we represent ourselves properly by a good opening, and closing ceremony as well.

I think it will encourage people to be more sportive, because people don’t really get to see much sport at such a high level in London or in this English area, because it’s all going on abroad, or you see about it in the papers. But I think, it’s really important to inspire young people here, and it will make more people inspired with sport because they’ll see it at a closer level, and they’ll see that it’s actually near them, so if they can go and see it they’ll be inspired by- It’ll be a new experience for them to- to remember for a long time.





Lorenzo Belenguer - Lead Artist